December 29, 2018 by Glenn

2018 Year in Review

2018 was an interesting year for me.

I did work for four different companies. Separately, I built, launched, and closed a SaaS.

I attended my second Sunshine PHP conference (and got to ride a train for the first time on my way there.)

Professionally I'm actually happy with how things are going. I now work 100% remote from my home office and for the most part set my own hours. After trying out a few different companies and work enviornments over the past few years I've come to realize this is the environment I work best in.

I started regularly going to the gym and focusing more on my health.

I attended my 5th Wrestlemania. I went to a handful of concerts, including a 3 day rock music festival, and I even went to my first EDM show. I went camping for the first time. I finally stepped foot inside Raymond James Stadium, despite having spent the last 18 years in Tampa driving by it regularly.

Honestly this year has gone by on fast-forward and I sort of find myself wondering where all the time has gone. Regardless, 2018 is in the rear-view mirror and it's time to look ahead to 2019 and plan out some goals for the year.

Goals for 2019

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